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Proper warewashing is one of your primary defenses in preventing food-borne illness; by washing and sanitizing your cups, flatware, plates, and bowls, you guarantee that your guests get a delicious and safe meal every time. This pack of test labels helps you to ensure that your dishwasher is doing its job and alerts you to potential issues fast, because it tracks the temperature and records it for you using a simple color-change system!


  • Single-use label measures temperature during dish machine wash cycle
  • Adheres to a dry dish prior to placement in dish machine; waterproof design
  • Features thermocromatic color-change band to ensure proper temperature was reached
  • Color-change band turns from blue to orange in proper temperatures
  • Features accuracy of +/- 2 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Includes blanks for signature and date; ideal for maintaining temperature log
  • Promotes FDA compliance for washed surfaces reaching at least 160 degrees Fahrenheit

TempRite Single Use Dishwasher 160F Test Labels

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