8791 - Dishwasher Plate Thermometer

With this Taylor 8791 TempRite dishwasher plate thermometer, you can be sure that all dishes are washed in accordance to FDA standards and are safe, sanitized, and ready for service. Perfect for restaurants, schools, and healthcare facilities, this plate is designed to be placed directly into the dishwasher with your load of dishes, providing a convenient alternative to finding a spot to place a traditional themometer. Featuring a rubberized outer rim, this plate is great for protecting other dishes from chipping. It is designed to record both the maximum temperature and the surface temperature of the water. This IP67 waterproof-rated item makes it easy to ensure your dishwasher temperature complies with FDA code.

Designed to test water temperatures from the inside of your dishwasher, this thermometer plate records temperatures with more accuracy than test label stickers, and doesn't risk sliding off. It records temperatures from 32-194 degrees Fahrenheit, and features an accuracy of +/-1.8 degrees Fahrenheit. This cost-effective tool includes a NIST Traceable Calibration certificate, and requires a CR232 battery.


  • Features accuracy of +/- 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Measures the surface temperature of water and records the maximum temperature in commercial dishwashers
  • Replaces the ongoing cost of single use test strips

8791 - Dishwasher Plate Thermometer

SKU: 8791
  • Range

    32 to 194 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Certifications

    NSF, IP67 Waterproof Rating