3522FS - Candy / Deep Fry Probe Thermometer
A thermometer is an essential part of any kitchen, and this Taylor 3522FS candy / deep fry thermometer is no exception! Featuring a 12" stainless steel stem and a pan clip, this thermometer can be easily attached to a large pot to keep your hands free while you monitor temperatures of liquid candy or frying oil.

This thermometer's 2" easy-to-read dial has a red pointer and black gradient markings for precise temperature readouts from 50 to 550 degrees Fahrenheit, or 10-285 degrees Celsius. It is an essential tool when using outdoor fryers or deep sauce pots during candy making.

When you are making candy, keeping the hot sugary mixture at the right temperature is essential in order for the end product to turn out properly. Plus, frying oil needs to be hot enough that food doesn't get soggy but you don't want it to get too hot, either, or food will burn. Additionally, oil temperatures for different foods are indicated on the dial for added convenience. By using a frying/candy thermometer, you can easily keep an eye on your candy or oil temperatures to make sure your food comes out just the way your customers like it!

3522FS - Candy / Deep Fry Probe Thermometer

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  • Range

    50°F to 550°F and 0°C to 300°C.

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