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This Taylor 9999N anti-bacterial thermometer probe wipe helps eliminate cross-contamination and the spread of bacteria in your commercial kitchen. It is designed to clean and sanitize your thermometer probe and is quick and easy to use. For any thermometer with a probe, simply swab the metal section with a thermometer wipe, and you're done! It is a simple one-step process that ultimately prevents cross-contamination in even the busiest of kitchens.

Each wipe contains 70% isopropyl alcohol to kill harmful bacteria and germs. This is much more effective than trying to clean your thermometer probe with sprays and towels. With 100 cleansing wipes in individual packets, it's easy to keep all your thermometer probes clean and ready for their next use.


  • Designed to clean thermometers and probes
  • Simple, one-step sanitizing to prevent cross-contamination
  • Contributes to a complete HACCP plan
  • Individually packaged within box

Anti-Bacterial Thermometer Probe Wipes (100 Pack)

SKU: 9999N
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